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Legal Shield

Legal Shield does more for less money than any other way you could access the legal system. Their 50+ year track record of success proves it.

ID Shield

One in six of adults in the U.S. are ID theft victims. It’s better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it.

Credit Repair

We have multiple resources to help with Credit Repair. Take a closer look under our Services menu for more information.


What Has LegalShield Done For You?

(My provider lawyer) reviewed my queestion and documents carefully and even gathered opinions from other associates in the firm regarding my complicated commercial loan situation. He did an excellent job of outlining three possible outcomes and helped me devise a plan of action. I am grateful for LegalShield and the expertise I can access through this subscription.

Wisconsin Member, Alisa L.


What Has IDShield Done For You?

When I discovered the identity theft I was devastated. I immediately called IDShield. (My licensed private investigator) called me and patiently explained everything that would be done to correct this as soon as possible. I am happy with the outcome.

Colorado Member, L.I.

We understand good people can end up with bad credit. Our experts are qualified in banking, credit repair and law. We want to help you challenge inaccurate collection accounts, medical bills and other negative information in your credit report.

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I empower consumers and small business for financial success through affordable legal services, identity theft and restoration services, effective credit repair, sensible employee benefits and results-oriented business consultative services.